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David Acevedo

David Acevedo: Creative Energy in Fort Myers

“In my Fort Myers, there’s an immense synergy of artistry. The people are brilliantly creative, and we’re always striving to bring that out to the community.”

From his birthplace in Puerto Rico to his adopted home in Fort Myers, David Acevedo has always been driven by artistic expression. During his 20-plus years in the community, Acevedo has not only become a prominent artist in Southwest Florida but he has also been instrumental in the growth of Fort Myers’ vibrant cultural scene.

“I believe in the power of a collective. Everything that I do has been based on collaboration, a group of artists working toward one goal.”

Along with his own visual art exhibitions, Acevedo is the co-founder of DAAS CO-OP gallery and gift shop, now located in The Butterfly Estates, and co-owner of Arts & Eats Café on the Alliance for the Arts campus. He was one of the founding members of the monthly Art Walk in downtown Fort Myers, one of the key events that has established this area as a hub of creativity and community.

“My Fort Myers is a source of inspiration for many reasons, including the fact that there’s so much color here. If I need to specifically find something that really speaks to me and I can transcribe it into a painting, all I need to do is look out my window. It’s very easy to be inspired by the simple nature of Fort Myers.”

As the cultural community continues to grow, visitors can find experiences throughout various neighborhoods. Acevedo recommends starting out in downtown Fort Myers to visit places like the Sydney & Berne Davis Art Center, Quartz & Clover, Enjewel, and Space 39 Art Bar & Martini Lounge. His own gallery in The Butterfly Estates is just a few minutes from downtown, alongside a beautiful glass butterfly conservatory and other creative spaces.

“My Fort Myers is the place I’ve always dreamed of making my home. It reminds me of the Caribbean, where I’m from, and there’s so much in terms of arts and culture that I feel like I belong here.”

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