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Evelyn Murphy

Evelyn Murphy: Celebrating Local Pride

“My Fort Myers is a vacation within a vacation.”

When Evelyn Murphy first arrived in Fort Myers from her home in New York City, one of her first thoughts was: What about the theater? So she and her daughter walked around town and stumbled into the local theater scene that they now are passionate about.

In the years that she’s lived in Fort Myers, Murphy has evolved from explorer to ambassador — greeting new arrivals and saying farewell to those returning home from the airport, which she calls “my happy place.” You can find her in the signature shirt worn by Tourism Ambassadors throughout the airport, answering questions and providing her local insights on where to dine, what to experience and other can’t-miss moments.

“My Fort Myers is the beautiful sunsets. It’s walking the beach, putting my toes in the sand and taking in the sound of the waves. It’s going to different art fairs and meeting the artists, and going to the farmers market to learn where all the fresh food came from. There is always something that will bring a smile to your face.”

While she loves inviting visitors into her Fort Myers, Murphy also has a talent for convincing people to move there as well!

“I want to put Fort Myers on the map. It’s a hidden treasure that you need to explore. It’s a nice, quiet, relaxing place with diverse people from all over. Some people call it paradise, and I do have to agree.”

Meet Evelyn Murphy and other Tourism Ambassadors at Southwest Florida International Airport. Click here for more information.