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Corporate Social Responsibility

Team-building activities and social responsibility go hand in hand throughout Fort Myers islands, beaches and neighborhoods. During conferences, meetings and events, it’s important to weave in corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives when traveling to any tourism destination. Discover some CSR activities that you could experience in the Fort Myers area and how you can contribute to sustainability in Southwest Florida.

Clean up the coastline.

It’s important to partner with local initiatives to have the most impact. With the dedicated experts at Keep Lee County Beautiful, you can make a beach cleanup part of your corporate event while learning about the local marine ecosystem.  

Click here to find more coastal cleanups and other environmental volunteer activities.

Combat food insecurity.

To ensure that you’re meeting the needs of the community, partner with a local food bank. The Harry Chapin Food Bank has a deep reach, feeding a quarter million people each month in Southwest Florida. They will organize and transport the items needed to create food kits that they then distribute to families in need.

Green grass with educator teaching people

Plant a garden.

More than just a therapeutic pastime, gardening initiatives at ECHO Global Farm have a long-lasting impact. The community garden relies on agricultural knowledge and training to improve outcomes for small farms around the globe. Teams can sort and prepare seeds to distribute to seed banks, plant or harvest a garden, or help maintain the landscape.  

CSR planning tips for a successful event:

  • Reach out to local charities, nonprofits or community organizations to find out what the current needs are in your destination.
  • Reflect on your company values and choose an activity that aligns with your mission.   
  • Crowdsource among team members for the activity that might best fit their vision.
  • Consider accessibility when choosing an activity and plan for accommodations as needed.
  • Be mindful of scheduling so that team members can get the most out of the experience.
  • Communicate ahead of time about attire, equipment and other logistics.
  • Build excitement ahead of the event — consider sharing the background and successes of the organization that you’re supporting.
  • Take time after the event to reflect on the experience and express gratitude