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Explore this underwater world of unexpected wonder

Artificial Reefs on the Rise

Our best-kept secret isn’t found downtown, on a beach or island – it’s not found anywhere on land. It’s a growing network of artificial reefs ideal for diving, snorkeling and fishing.

More than two dozen man-made artificial reef sites dot the Fort Myers area, from the shallow waters off the coast to as far as 30 miles offshore. These Florida artificial reefs include the twisting steel of towers and sunken ships to cut out concrete and railroad boxcars. All provide a special home for more than 250 species of fish and countless kinds of marine life. We invite you to come discover the joys of this growing underwater world. Learn more about these reefs here.

Explore the water

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Fort Myers is surrounded by warm Gulf waters, running rivers and hidden enclaves – all teeming with aquatic life. So it’s no mystery why fishing here is such a popular pastime.

You could miss it on a map, or drive right through the middle a dozen times, without knowing it had a name. Key West comes to mind, what with the neon buildings, laidback vibe and eccentric artistry. But this tiny island is no Key West.

Anglers across the country revere the Gulf of Mexico as a saltwater fishing paradise, and that couldn’t be truer in Fort Myers. Hundreds of miles of coastline interspersed with hidden alcoves, fertile estuaries and spacious, open flats make it eas

Second only to shelling and sunbathing, fishing is by and large the most popular pastime in Fort Myers – and it’s not hard to see why.

Autumn is falling in fast! So why not change with the season and put a new twist on your next beach vacation? Try spending an entire day on the shoreline or on a boat, reeling in some of the most favorite fish of the region.

Southwest Florida’s best-kept secret isn’t found downtown, on a beach or an island – it’s not found anywhere on land. It’s a network of artificial reefs hidden underwater.

Great photos inspire. They draw us into an envious moment and motivate us to replicate that experience. Check out these photos taken by visitors like you.

The water is a way of life in Fort Myers. Some days you’ll be under an umbrella on the sand’s edge; other days you’ll be on the edge of your seat reeling in a 200-pound tarpon.

Cape Coral may be Florida’s second-largest city by land, yet the vibe here is entirely intimate and inviting with activities for travelers of every style.

@supershannonb @supershannonb

Truly unique and charming to its core, Matlacha brings together the feeling of old Florida with a hip bohemian vibe.

Island or neighborhood? Old Florida fishing village or relaxed waterfront retreat?

The beauty of Fort Myers is that among our diverse and vibrant beaches, islands and neighborhoods, every area is truly unique — meaning there is something for everyone.

When people marvel over Florida’s most beautiful beaches, Captiva Island is always near the top of the list.

Imagine cruising down the river and spotting a massive silvery fish leaping from the shallows. Peak tarpon fishing season is upon us, so now is the time to catch — and release — your next big fish.

From the moment you arrive on our sunny islands, beaches and neighborhoods, you’ll realize why you’ll always enjoy a good day in the Fort Myers area.

Tranquil spaces and leisurely activities make this trio of communities a welcoming retreat.

While you may want to spend every moment on the shores of Fort Myers, it’s well worth it to spend time on land exploring the area’s many parks, preserves and natural wonders.

If you’re fascinated with all things feathered, look no further than the skies and shores of Fort Myers. The region’s natural sanctuaries are home to countless species of native and migratory birds.

From dolphins and manatees to pelicans and egrets, we’re incredibly lucky to have such a wide variety of fascinating animals in Southwest Florida.

In an effort to keep our beaches and our planet clean, consider using an eco-friendly event venue while visiting Fort Myers. Here are some good places to start:


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