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Feast Your Way Through May

What’s on the menu in Fort Myers? Seafood, for sure! We’ve got some special days coming up this May, including National Shrimp Day on May 10 and National Yucatan Shrimp Day on May 24. Our long coastline and intricate waterways are lined with waterfront restaurants where you can order bounties of fresh seafood, the best Gulf shrimp and other delectable dishes all season.

Food Shrimp Restaurant Coldwater Oyster Market Bar
Coldwater Oyster Market Coldwater Oyster Market

Find your favorite spots up and down First Street in downtown Fort Myers, like Izzy's Fish & Oyster, serving peel-and-eat shrimp hot or cold and a traditional Lowcountry boil heaped with fresh seafood. At Pinchers, seafood is sourced from the Island Crab Company on Pine Island — including platters of shrimp any way you like them.

Boating is such a natural pastime that it only makes sense to dock and dine around the Fort Myers area. With so many choices, you can find a meal to match your mood. With your pick of casual coastal eateries, you can literally pull up in your boat and dine dockside.

Cabbage Key Inn is a local legend that can only be reached by boat. Start with a Gulf shrimp cocktail or the chilled smoked salmon, and don’t miss out on the restaurant’s famous cheeseburger as you look around the somewhat wild décor — thousands of dollar bills taped to the walls and ceilings.

On Pine Island, step into Old Florida charm at the 1926 Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant. The upscale menu features everything from pink Gulf shrimp served with seasonal fruit to a perfectly prepared catch of the day.

So what’s the story behind Yucatan shrimp? Surprisingly, this spicy, garlicky, butter-drenched peel-and-eat shrimp has important ties to Fort Myers. A few years ago, Doc Ford’s Rum Bar & Grill was awarded a "National Calendar Day" on May 24 for National Yucatan Shrimp Day. Arrive at Doc Ford’s by water or on land and order up this savory feast (don’t forget to dip your bread in the butter sauce). Pair it with the restaurant’s infamous island mojito and grab a bottle of Yucatan sauce so you can bring home a taste of Fort Myers.

Food Doc Fords Shrimp Cocktail Drink

Hungry yet? You’re not limited to these special shrimp holidays to find a feast in Fort Myers. But it’s a great excuse to come and enjoy!