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4 Productivity Pumping Activities to Keep Meetings Moving

When you host a meeting or conference throughout Fort Myers' islands, beaches and neighborhoods, you’re surrounded by an unending array of entertainment options during downtime. Once the day’s work comes to a close you’ve got a myriad of beachesrestaurants and nightlife to choose from. But with all those fun activities  waiting for you outside the boardroom, it can be hard to focus during long stretches of sitting.

Studies have shown that taking frequent, short breaks throughout the day makes employees more productive. So if meeting-melancholy sets in, try a few of these quick and easy exercises to revitalize your crew. 

1. Sanibel Shoulder Squeeze

Fend off your seated slump and strengthen your trapezius muscles in easy, 10-second increments. Simply bring your shoulder blades as close together as possible, hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat. This exercise is a great way to improve posture during long brainstorming sessions.

2. Calusa Calf Raises

Sculpting sandcastles is one of our areas most popular pastimes. But when meetings keep you away from the beach, you can sculpt your calf muscles instead. Standing with your feet together, rise up onto the balls of your feet, hold for 10 seconds, relax and repeat.

3. Sheller’s Chair Squats

During your time in Fort Myers, you’ll want to explore as many miles of shoreline as possible. Make sure your legs are ready for all that walking with single-leg Sheller’s Chair Squats. Sitting in your meeting room chair, extend one leg forward placing the heel of your shoe on the floor in front of you. With one leg extended, use your opposite leg to push up into the standing position. Hold this form while you return to a seated position and repeat in sets of 10. This exercise builds leg muscles and helps improve stability and balance. You’ll feel the burn in no time.

4. Bonita Springs Shell Press

Our final exercise uses objects in our natural environment to tone and strengthen your triceps. Start by grabbing one of the hefty conch shells lying around your meeting room (OK, fine, a book or heavy binder will work too). With your feet shoulder width apart and your elbows raised next to your ears, hold the book behind your head and then slowly lift upwards until the book (or preferable, conch shell) is above your head. You should feel slight resistance in your triceps. Repeat in sets of 10, or whatever you’re comfortable with.


With these simple exercises you can break your meetings into easier chunks and work on your beach bod to boot. Plus, you can bring these easy activities back to the home office for continued fitness on the clock.  Until then, start planning your meeting – and what to do after hours – in the greater Fort Myers area.