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Family dining at Coconut Jacks

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Give a shout-out to the people and places you love throughout the islands, beaches and neighborhoods of Fort Myers.


It's been a long road to recovery for many of our local businesses following Hurricane lan. That's why we're collecting positive, uplifting videos to share with our tourism community as they continue to rebuild. You can help by recording a short video to tell us what you love about the area and why you plan to come back. It could be a special memory, a go-to restaurant, hotel, or a can't-miss experience.


Video Tips

  • Be sure to mention people and places. For example: "The manager at Sundial Resort", "Tyler and Kayla at Heavenly Biscuit" or groups like "The park rangers at Ding Darling"
  • Hold camera in horizontal view. Not vertical.
  • Keep audio clear by reducing background noises.
  • It's ok for there to be more than one person in your video. Like, your entire family!
  • 30 seconds max