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National Seashell Day

Finding treasures while making treasured memories.

With more than 50 miles of beaches and over 400 species of seashells that often cover the white sands, there’s no other place quite like Fort Myers for shell hunting. People come here from all around the world to hunt for unbroken seashells on our shores. In fact, Sanibel Island is known as the “Seashell Capital of the World” because of its unique east-west orientation that brings countless seashells in pristine condition to its white-sand beaches.

Residents and visitors alike know the joy of searching through seashells to find that perfect lightning whelk or alphabet cone. These natural treasures have inspired us to dedicate June 20 to celebrate the seashells that wash onto our shores every day of the year.

National Seashell Day offers the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the amazing seashells and the animals who build and inhabit them. Take a moment to learn more about collecting shells, a favorite Fort Myers pastime and the perfect way to relax on the beach and shell-ebrate this special day.

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Where do Seashells Come From?

Dr. José Leal, Science Director and Curator at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum shares more about what actually lives inside the shells you can find on our beaches and why they are so fascinating.

Guiness World Records - Largest Human Image of a Seashell

Seashells are a big deal, here. In 2018, we set a new mark for the Guinness World Records title for “Largest human image of a seashell” with 1,093 participants! You can watch the creation of this record-setting marvel in this time-lapse video.

Seashells by the Seashore

Fort Myers is a sheller’s paradise. In fact, the area has been named the #1 place for shell collecting (searching for and collecting seashells) in North America!

Thanks to our position on the West Coast of Florida, the warm Gulf waters gently wash hundreds of thousands of sea shells ashore each day, often fully intact. This makes Fort Myers a sheller’s paradise. But what exactly is shell collecting? 

Coinciding with the beginning of summer, the Fort Myers area is also celebrating National Seashell Day on June 20.

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