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A Guide for Best Practices for the Lodging Industry

About the Study

The Highland Study is intended to be a tool for Lee County and its lodging partners to sustain and build market share and increase lodging revenue. Findings reflect that while Lee County tourism is very good, risks do exist and there is an opportunity to significantly improve both bed tax and property owner revenues. Five statistics in this study highlight the benefits of action and risks of complacency for Lee County:

  1. Renovated vacation rentals significantly increase annual revenue.
  2. Lee County has only gained $2 in ADR over the past several years. This is significantly lower than comparable counties.
  3. Only 24% of Lee County visitors are visiting for the first time. This figure continues to drop.
  4. Average age of visitor is 52. Lee County is at risk for visitors to "age out” and the destination to become "obsolete.”
  5. Only 10% of visitors identify Lee County as more expensive than anticipated.


For more in-depth information, read the full study & watch the video.

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Why Renovate?


Lodging is either regularly improved or deteriorates rapidly. Reinvestment & renovation are crucial to remain competitive.                      

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Getting Started & Inspirational Links


Congratulations on Your Decision to Renovate!

Check out these next steps to be on your way to increasing yearly revenue and creating a desired lodging experience.

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See the Results


Check out the renovations here. Before and after photos to get you inspired!

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