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Homes along a Lee County shore

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You may not know it, but Fort Myers is home to a thriving theater scene, with several theater companies operating in the area.

On Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, music is as ingrained in the local culture as sunshine and sand. That’s why on any given night you’d be hard pressed to find a bar or restaurant that wasn’t showcasing local tunes.

A mix of live entertainment, classical art and cultural experiences, the arts scene in Southwest Florida is nothing if not unique. But with so many places to see, navigating the area can get a little overwhelming for new visitors.

You could miss it on a map, or drive right through the middle a dozen times, without knowing it had a name. Key West comes to mind, what with the neon buildings, laidback vibe and eccentric artistry. But this tiny island is no Key West.

Looking for something fun and different to do with your group in Fort Myers?

On a tranquil island in Southwest Florida rests a stately, century-old home.

Every kid wants to go to Disney World, and every parent wants to take them there. But it seems a shame to take them to Florida and not let them experience the beach.

Lydia Black Lydia Black

Earlier this year, I had a uniquely Southwest Florida experience. I had the rare opportunity to visit internationally renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg’s 20-acre estate, which was his home and studio for over 40 years.

Some of the best family memories are made while taking a trip together. But the warmth of Southwest Florida sunshine and the sound of kids laughing all have the power to enhance those special moments.

Family fun is never far away in Southwest Florida. While fun can always be had on the beach, amusement parks and other kid-friendly destinations are always a big hit while on vacation.

After kayaking past the mangroves of Tarpon Bay, shelling on Sanibel’s sun-soaked shores or venturing through historic Native American sites, chances are you’ll work up quite the appetite.

What better way to unwind under the warmth of the Florida sun than with a cool brew on hand?

After a day of drinking up the sunshine, it’s time for a night of drinking in the good times at some of the best bars, taverns, pubs and lounges in Fort Myers. Put on a smile and raise a glass – we’re going out. Cheers!

When the holiday hors d’oeuvres and seasonal sips that filled you with holiday spirit have left you feeling plain full, ditch the treadmill-stair climber-stationary bike routine.

Karen Feldman Karen Feldman

When it comes to enjoying the outdoors in Florida, luxuriant beaches and lush golf courses are likely the first scenes that come to mind. But in Fort Myers, dining outdoors is every bit as popular a pastime as sunbathing and

Karen Feldman Karen Feldman

Shrimp, grouper, stone crabs and Key lime pie seem to be the four food groups most often associated with The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel, but the area’s cuisine is far more worldly than that. Once you get your seafood and sugar quota, it’s t

Family Child Dog Island Sky Sunset
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Expansive white-sand islands and beaches — with family-friendly activities in every neighborhood — make it easy to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

On The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, it’s never hard to find a little bit of local color – whether that means a beautiful light-pink sunset, a bright 

To all you guys out there – you deserve a night off. A night to yourselves where you can get together to catch up and cut loose. But what to do? Where to go? Check out these five ideas for your next guys trip in Fort Myers.

June 21 is National Seashell Day, and it seems to come sooner and sooner every year.